Circle Bag

Circle Bag

Price: $12.00

This one pattern and set of instructions will enable you to make any of the three variations of the Circle Bag, the 8-inch Circle Bag A with slide closure, the 10-inch Circle Bag B with double asymmetrical flaps, or the 12-inch Circle Bag C with the half log cabin block and slide closure.

Many types of fabrics can be used for the bags, such as cotton, denim, velvet, quilted fabric, silk, hemp, and linen.  Be creative with the lining fabric, because the bags are reversible.  You can make the bags in just one fabric, or you can mix and match fabrics for the bag outside, lining / reverse side, and gussets.  For example, the front/back sections of Circle Bag B could be made in four different fabrics, plus the gussets.  Flip the flaps, and you can get four different looks! 

Fabric Requirements

Bag A

Front, Back, and Gusset:  3/8 yd or 1 fat quarter

Lining/Reverse Side:  3/8 yd or 1 fat quarter

Purchased Cording:  2 - 3 yds of  1/4 to 3/8-inch cord*

Bag B

Front, Back, and Gusset:  3/8 yd or 1 fat quarter for front, 3/8 yd or 1 fat quarter for back, and 1/8 yd for gusset.  (1/2 yard total, if bag is made of the same fabric)

Lining/Reverse Side:  Same as Front, Back, and Gusset.

Purchased Cording:  3 yds of 1/4 to 3/8 inch cord*

Bag C 

Half-Log Cabin Blocks:  1/8 yd of fabric A (solid contrast strips), 1/4 yd of fabric B (includes gusset),  1/4 rd of fabric C

Lining/Reverse Side:  1/2 yd

Purchased Cording:  2-3 yds of 1/4 to 3/8-inch cord*

In addition you will need:

Fleece 1/2 yard of fusible or non-fusible, light to medium weight fleece that is at least 35 inches wide.

Optional Covered Cord To make this you will need 6 yards of 1/4 to 3/8-inch filler cord, and some extra fabric to make bias strips to cover the filler cord.  (see inside under “Cutting Bias Strips”)

Slide for Bags A and C:  A large bead or ring (The hole needs to accommodate 4 widths of cord.)

* Sturdy, non-abrading, braided cord.