Pleaty Back-Bag

Pleaty Back-Bag Pleaty Back-Bag

Price: $13.00

Left: Front of Bag with Small Photo of Bag Back     Lower photo: Converted to Backpack

The Pleaty Back-Bag is a pleated drawsting bag that can easily convert to a stylish backpack.  The detachable and adjustable strap allows it to be worn cross-body or over the shoulder.  The bag has a height of 13" and a bottom that measures 4" by 12".  The bag features contrasting pleats, custom-sized inside pockets, uniques flower bud cord-end covers, and a secure cord-lock drawstring closure.  The convenient double pocket can hold practical items like keys while adding style.  Like all Square Rose patterns, "Creative Options" are included with the instructions for an alternative strap and cut cord-end options.

Fabric Requirements:

Bag Fabric A  (pleats, strap and outside pocket): 3/4 yd.

Bag Fabric B (pleats, strap, and outside back pocket): 3/4 yd.

Lining:  1 yd. (The lining forms the top border and will be visible.)

Non-Fusible Firm Interfacing:  1/2 yd. (36" wide, 1 yd. (20" wide), or a piece 18" x 34" (Recommended:  ByAnnie's Soft and Stable for a thicker firm interfacing or Stiff Stuff by Lazy Girl Designs for a firm interfacing).

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing (pockets):  1/2 yd. (44" wide or 1 yd. 20" wide)


  • Two Swivel Hooks for a 1 1/4" wide strap.
  • One Double Loop Slide for a 1 1/4" wide strap.
  • 3 yards of sturdy braided bolo cord, sturdy finely woven bolo cord, or parachute cord.
  • One Cord Lock that accommodates two cords.
  • Two O-rings approximately 1" in diameter. (Backpack option)

Download Pleaty Back-Bag Cutting Layout