Linda's Bio

Square Rose Founder and Owner Linda Lindsey worked in and consulted with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of human resources development and performance management, where she was instrumental in preparing the companies’ organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  But when her desire for a totally unrestricted creative environment coincided with her interest in fiber arts, Linda decided to leave the corporate world to found Square Rose, LLC.

Linda’s experience designing and delivering corporate training programs and years of sewing experience came in handy as she developed detailed instructions for her purse patterns and taught workshops about how to make them.  Today Linda designs purse patterns that are fun and easy to sew, yet allow you to apply your own creativity.  She gathers the inspiration for her designs from her many years of sewing experience and passions for beading, surface design, fabric manipulations, and even art quilting.  Inspiration can strike out of the blue, but even the best designs require a lot of development to turn a vision into a reality.  Linda uses her experiences with class participants, customers, and pattern testers to help her develop her designs. Also, Linda is active in the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild, and the Surface Design Association.

Linda’s strives to design her patterns in order to liberate your creative spirit. Unlike a more complicated and expensive sewing project, such as constructing a jacket, a purse is small so you don’t have to fret over making sure that yours is the “best bag ever”.  You can make several bags.  Keep one and give one to a friend.   Have fun and experiment.  Think of Square Rose designs as a blank canvas for any new techniques you want to try.  And, of course you have the options to create your own look with your favorite fabric or a quilt block that you love. Linda has made hundreds of bags, and no two are the same.  Make them formal or funky, classic or casual, elegant or eclectic.  It’s up to you!

Linda Lindsey, Square Rose founder, owner, and purse designer is shown above looking for inspiration in a market in Cairo, Egypt. In the photo below, Linda is in Kyoto, Japan, at the same time as the cherry blossoms.  Square Rose offers antique kimono fabrics for sale from time to time, some of which Linda has used to make some of the purses that can be seen in the Gallery.

Linda in Kyoto, Japan, just in tiime for the cherry blossoms