About Us

Square Rose LLC, is committed to designing bag patterns that are creative and fun to sew.  Inspiration can strike out of the blue, but even the best ideas require a lot of development to turn a vision into a reality.  Linda makes many versions of each of her designs until she is satisfied that it is a creative design that can be reproduced by others, and then she refines the designs further by making numerous variations of each bag, many of which can be viewed in the Gallery.  This is the design phase in which many of each pattern’s variations and unique embellishments are developed.  After creating the patterns and detailed instructions for each purse pattern, Linda releases prototype patterns to a panel of volunteer testers, who provide feedback that improves the instructions and designs of the patterns to ensure they are clear and easy to follow.

You get more bang for your buck, because Square Rose patterns give you instructions on how you can make several variations of the basic design and provide you with “Creative Options” to help you design your bag that is one-of-a-kind.  Think of our designs as blank canvases for any new technique you may want to try. We have made hundreds, and no two are the same. Make them formal or funky, classic or casual, elegant or eclectic. It's up to you!

asdasdWe also have accessories and fabrics available if your desire a one-stop shopping experience to help you complete your bag.  The Box Bag, Circle Bag, and Triangle Bag have unique slide and cord closures.   Our customers told us that these were not easy to find so we sell a variety of slides to coordinate with your bags.  The holes for our custom slides are made so that they fit the cording that we sell.  Our sturdy bolo cording resists abrading when used for our bag closures.   We also carry hand-crafted pendants for our Peaks and Points Bag and Crescent Bag.  Many of our customers use these pendants as jewelry.

One of our other products is fabric.  Surface design was originally a hobby for Linda.  Her enthusiasm for creating hand-dyed and printed fabric caused her to start selling it at shows, and now we’re making it available to everyone on our website.